“It’s not the camera that takes great photos
- it’s the Photographer”


Get to know your camera and learn how to take great pictures with this 3 hour course on the essentials of digital photography; a hands-on session with a highly experienced professional photographer.




 Understand your camera’s controls


 How to use automatic and manual shooting modes


 Light and exposure: shutter speed, aperture and ISO


 Creative composition


 Shooting Landscapes


 Shooting Portraits

My goal is to raise your knowledge and ignite your creativity, so you can start taking great images immediately.

No on-line tutorials, no distance learning. This is face-to-face teaching; group classes or one-to-one,  you choose how you want to learn. 

Apart from mastering your camera’s settings and capabilities, you will learn how to turn ordinary “snap-shot” situations into photographs you’ll be proud of, by applying your own creativity.

Prices start from £60 for group learning, and £90 for one-to-one teaching.


Next Workshop April 15th; Learn portraiture and  lighting with Paul Mariess and experienced Uk model, Demma
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Beginners workshop returning May 13th

Also, one-to-one sessions available by appointment.


email me today to book your session.


Gift vouchers also available – an ideal gift to accompany any new camera


 Intermediate and advanced classes coming soon. . .

Workshop – 15th April: Learn Portraiture and Lighting with Paul Mariess and experienced UK model, Demma

Enjoy photographing people? This is a great opportunity to improve your portraiture skills. We’ll be working outdoors and in the studio within a controlled lighting environment. Paul will take you through the fundamentals of portraiture; posing and lighting, and set up different lighting solutions for you to shoot one-to-one with Demma.

The workshop is three hours of hands-on practical application and is limited to 8 participants to ensure everyone has an opportunity to shoot.

time: 10:00am to 1:00pm Saturday 15th April

cost: £80.00

email me today to book your space on this workshop


We are only selling to UK and Channel Islands at the moment. Contact me if you live further afield and require a quote.